I have crawled through my stash of more than 33 000 images to find these ~150 photos that I have decided to share with you. Some of them tell a little story about me, but most of them are just showing interesting or beautiful things or locations that we've managed to capture. Go ahead and enjoy the images, but please ask my permission if you're planning to reuse, share or forward them in any way - I might even provide the original, if you ask nicely. Click the images to expand and shrink them.

The images are grouped into 11 categories found below: Animals, Autumn, Aviation, Diving, Droplets, In the Details, Light in the Dark, Paths, Places, Summer and Winter.


Ant Bee Beetle 2 Beetle Butterfly 2 Butterfly Catharis sp Dragonfly Fly Gekko Grasshopper Greyhound wannabe Landing Larva Lizard Mink Minks Seagull Squirrel Terrapin


Barn Bench Dew Maple Oak Path Rainbow Red Rowan Spotlight Steps Vallila


60 degree turn Above clouds Ahvenanmaa Comino Friends Hiittinen Kiikala Kumlinge Landing Mika Paola Paragliding Sukhoi Su 26 Team Tuulia Winch launch Yeppee


Adventure Back to the surface 2 Back to the surface Blue hole Bubbles Cables Cave Cirkewwa 2 Cirkewwa Cone Darkness Door to the new worlds Finding Nemo Fishy Author Friends Green world Hide and seek 2 Hide and seek Hot bath Jellyfish Jetty Kalaton Leaf Coral Manta Maori Mystical world P29 Plenty of fish in the sea 2 Plenty of fish in the sea Pumping station Santa Marija Caves Sea Sarlacc Starfish Suppriced Turtle Um el Faroud Unfriendly welcome Weid iz Zurrieq Window Zenobia


Drop 2 Drop 3 Drop 4 Drop Drops 2 Drops 3 Drops Water Trace

In the Details

Bridge Chain Chainlock Concrete Dew Drops Eye Grain Hatch Ice Luzzu Sweet

Light in the Dark

Candels Carnival Driving Fireworks Milky Way Monaco Rooftops Theatre


Abandoned house Bulrush Path City Dirty Forest Path Rails Rapefields Sandy Sea Spectacular Entry Stream Winter


Burj Khalifa Classroom Desert Mountains Etna Green in the Alps Isola Bella Koh Tao Thailand Mist in Dubai Monaco Mountain Castle My Dream House Rinella


Bulrush Dandelion in the wind Fern Field Harvest Lake Rapefields Shed


Brook Cottage Frost Hay Mist Shadows Sky Snowflake Spotlight Sun Train Trees